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Rubber means "rubber", but in this context it does not mean the condom, but rather the fetish of getting horny with the material rubber.

Rubber is a special Fetish is meant. Because: in the translation from English, "Rubber" means Rubber. However, this is not the Condombut rather the special feeling caused by the friction of rubber on the skin. Depending on how tight the clothing in question fits, this can be more or less constricting.

Corresponding clothing is offered today - among others in sex shops - in numerous variations. From simple to extremely conspicuous, for example in red, just about everything is represented here. If you want, you can often wear the rubber clothes under your everyday clothes for a very special kick.

Of course, there is nothing to stop you wearing the rubber style before or during sex. Among other things, rubber lingerie is produced that leaves the "important parts" free and is therefore also super suitable for a quickie.

Why rubber on the skin can be so stimulating for some people has been studied again and again over the course of time. It is probably the mix of tightness and friction in combination with the feeling of doing something "forbidden" that ensures that the number of people who have developed a corresponding fetish keeps growing.

The Rubber Trend is particularly popular within the BDSM Scene. Here, the rubber clothing is often supplemented by appropriate sex toys and the like. The accompanying "playrooms" make the hearts of the Fetishists often beat faster.