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Being faithful and having sex with someone else?

On SchwuleKontakte, many gays are looking for a serious relationship. Do you feel the same way? Then this is the right place for you. Here you will find men of all age groups and Preferenceswho long for a faithful love and life partner.

Between physical exclusivity and emotional fidelity

But what does Faithful actually? Does it mean focusing exclusively on each other physically? Or is it about emotional fidelity? Is sex with outside partners allowed despite a committed relationship? Some couples opt for a sexually and emotionally exclusive relationship. Others prefer open monogamy. This means that sex with outside partners is OK as long as no feelings are involved. To make this work, there are certain rules: No more than three times sex with the same Sexdate. The common house, the common flat and typical leisure places like pubs are taboo zones.

It's best to understand in advance with your date how he or she understands fidelity. This will ensure that you are really on the same wavelength. Just be honest! The more open you are about your wants and needs, the more likely you are to find the type of man you are looking for!

Boredom in long-term relationships? Doesn't have to be!

What is the dream par excellence for one person is pure horror for another: a shared everyday life. Doesn't sex get boring after a while?

Not necessarily! Things have to work out between you in bed. That probably goes without saying. If there's a sizzle between you and your loved one, that's the best foundation for a long, happy relationship. But the fireworks have to be reignited again and again with skill and ingenuity. That is the case in every relationship.

The advantages: Your partner knows exactly what you like and how to turn you on. You don't always start from scratch. Mutual trust grows through closeness. This, in turn, creates an ideal basis for you to try out new things and to explore previously guarded, secret Sex fantasies live out. Be creative!

Sounds good? Gays from all over the DACH region are waiting to make your acquaintance! Take the initiative and let yourself be inspired by meaningful photos and profiles!

Rekindle the desire again and again

The greatest danger in long-term relationships is undoubtedly that sexuality will eventually fall asleep. At some point you know your sweetheart inside out. That's good, but on the other hand it brings the danger of habituation. In the worst case, the sex positions are always the same. At some point, the sexuality may fall completely asleep. But it's up to you to keep enriching your sex life with new ideas and ways of playing.

While you are looking for your Mr. Right, you have plenty of scope for tingling, exciting adventures. You can later incorporate all your experiences into your permanent relationship.

So don't wait any longer, get in touch with hot gays in your immediate vicinity, in Germany, Austria and Switzerland! Even if the search doesn't work out right away, you will meet great guys and have a lot of fun. Guaranteed!

Mylobby18 (18) sucht in Lugano

I am 18 years young and looking for experienced daddy/s who can show me the ropes.... 😛

Stand up anal stretching and finger play before the fuck hope to be fisted soon too, am exclusive passive than I am looking for an active Gay !!!

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FableBoy (18) sucht in Thurgau

I unfortunately do not yet have any individual experience with SEX

I would be so happy if I could meet someone here

and I can finally have my experiences

I am so excited about the first time :O I can't wait

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