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A boner is a stiff penis. The expression "morning wood" is particularly well known.

Whoever wants to hear about a stiff Penis but would like to express themselves a little more colloquially, often uses the term latte.

In fact, a stiff Cock a little like a boner. After all, a lot of blood is pumped into it when aroused. The boner is not only considered erotic, but is of course also important when it comes to having sex at all.

After all, without a boner, the penis cannot be inserted.

In addition, a latte can naturally appear in the most diverse variations - sometimes large, sometimes somewhat smaller. Sometimes there are special "surprises" here - especially in comparison to the flaccid state. Especially when the size of the boner grows considerably.

Many men will also be confronted in the early morning with a so-called "Morning glory"awake. Contrary to many prejudices, however, this is not a sign of arousal, but rather a natural reaction of the body. A full bladder is often to blame for the fact that the morning latte is standard for many men.

However, the boner is seen as a symbol of masculinity like hardly any other symbol. Sometimes, however, it can become a real burden. Namely when it shows itself but is actually not wanted. A classic example: a visit to the sauna. If you see a horny guy here and can't control yourself, you often quickly show your counterpart how erotic you find him. Sometimes, however, this also results in a wonderful opportunity to "get to know each other better".