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Morning wood is a stiff penis that occurs - as the name suggests - in the morning.

Morning wood occurs - as the name suggests - in the morning. As with the "normal" Latte this is a stiff Penis. However, while the classic latte usually goes in with arousal, the whole thing is a little different with the morning latte.

Many gays (and also straight men) wake up in the early morning with a "tent" in their pants. Sometimes the erect penis indicates that something erotic has been dreamed. However, this is not always the case!

It may sound a little sobering, but sometimes the men concerned just have to pee. This requires a little patience. After all, the morning wood has to be pushed down at the toilet or urinal.

However, in the event that the morning glory is nevertheless the result of a genuine Erection (and arousal), this is exactly when a wonderful opportunity presents itself to start the day with sex or masturbation.

By the way: a morning glory should definitely be Permanent erection can be distinguished. A stiff penis in the morning is not pathological and disappears either by itself, after peeing or after sex. However, if you notice that the hard-on remains throughout the day and cannot be "removed" by having sex, masturbating and so on, you should talk to a doctor. Otherwise, a permanently erect penis can become not only annoying but also painful.