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Erection" describes the stiffening of the penis.


During an erection, the Penis stiff. The blood is pumped into the erectile tissue and nothing stands in the way of sex (or masturbation). During an erection, the shape and size of the member also changes. However, the exact extent of the changes in question is always individual. While some men's penises swell considerably, others only show slight changes.

Over time, it can become increasingly difficult for men to get an erection. Sometimes, however, psychological factors also cause the penis to remain flaccid. The reasons are varied and range from "a lot of stress" to self-doubt. In some cases, health factors can also mean that an erection is no longer possible. If the disorder in question persists for a long time, it makes sense to consult a doctor. By the way, this also applies in the case of Permanent erection. This can comparatively quickly become a painful problem for the person affected.

A penis with an erection is considered extremely attractive by many gays. After all, it stands for sex and passion like hardly any other symbol. Those who are naturally well endowed often decide to show off their penis - for example at relevant parties - skillfully and with tight clothes. Scene to set.

Sometimes, however, an erection occurs completely without sexual arousal. The best-known example: the Morning glorywhich does not always have to be associated with "wet dreams".