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In the case of a permanent erection, the person affected actually has a permanent hard-on... and sometimes severe pain.

Permanent erection

What sounds like a pipe dream for some gays (and of course for many women) is in reality anything but desirable. Those who suffer from a permanent erection sometimes experience severe pain. Because: his Penis no longer slackens. The blood is no longer pumped back or too much blood is pumped in too short a time.

Why ever a permanent Erection is present: only rapid treatment can help here. Otherwise, there is a risk of consequential damage. If you notice a permanent erection, you should never make fun of it at first and (even worse) wait longer than 12 hours to see a doctor. The rule here is: the sooner you intervene, the sooner you can avoid the consequences. In many cases, this phenomenon can be counteracted with the appropriate means and a little rest, so that everything heals comparatively uncomplicatedly.

The causes that can promote a permanent erection can be found in various areas. Among other things, various blood diseases, but also the use of certain medicines can be responsible for this. In some cases, a tumour is also behind the problem. It is therefore important to find the reason for the permanent erection at an early stage in order to avoid a recurrence and, if necessary, to be able to combat the actual cause.

If you want to prevent a permanent erection - at least to a certain extent - you should also watch your alcohol and nicotine consumption. These two factors can also promote the clinical picture.