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Here you can find honest gay contacts

Of course, we all want a guy who tells the truth and doesn't pretend to be anything. However, dating an honest sex partner does have its pitfalls. After all, no one wants to hear negative feedback. Especially not during sex.

On the other hand, it is a relief not to have to analyse every conversation to see if he means what he says. Could he have been charmingly deceptive? Was the comment meant ironically? Is there a hidden message in his vague suggestion? Social sensitivity, caution and empathy often mean that we no longer dare to tell the truth.

Constant puzzling around, however, drains the strength and costs nerves.

If you prefer to have a man by your side who speaks plainly and mercilessly, you've come to the right place! In this category you will find gays who wear their hearts on their sleeves. That's not always easy - the truth can hurt - but it's extremely pleasant.

Communicate openly about wishes and needs

Honest gays are usually communicative, open and receptive. You can talk openly with your date without having to fear back doors. He tells you honestly what he thinks. He expects the same honesty and openness from you in return.

He always wanted to Outdoor sex try it out? He won't hide that from you. Expect to find yourself in spicy situations in the forest, in the park or by the sea. The new position almost broke his back? You had bad breath during your last kiss or the lube has a disgusting taste? Don't trust your date to spare your feelings.

He will tell you all that. And in a timely manner. Honest gays let out what's on their mind. Advantage for you: You don't have to puzzle around for too long.

Dating honest gays in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Getting to know each other is only a few clicks away. Don't hesitate any longer, start meeting great men. Thanks to globalisation, you are no longer limited to where you live or what country you live in. Let your feelings be your guide! Most gays are visitable and mobile. Passionate So nothing stands in the way of sex dates (and more).