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Being submissive means submitting - for example during sex.


Within the BDSM Scene surely everyone knows what is meant by "submissive". And even outside the relevant clubs, the special practices enjoy enormous popularity. Being submissive means submitting to your sex partner.

How this is done in detail depends on individual taste and the very personal pain threshold. Because: of course, submission in the sexual sense can take place in many different ways.

On the one hand, it is possible to work with a mix of passion and pain here, for example by pampering the submissive partner with certain sex toys but denying him sex. However, some BDSM fans also love to be abused by their partners.

Due to the increased popularity of these practices, many relevant clubs also decide to expand their offers accordingly. But also gays (and straights) who would like to be submissive at home, come due to versatile sextoy ideas here at their expense.

Accordingly, it is always worth taking a look at the BDSM section of sex shops. Here you will often also find inspiration for exciting Role plays. There are almost no limits to the imagination.

The mix of submissive and sex is also playing an increasingly important role in porn. Fans of the scene not only love the fact that the sex is presented in a special way, but also find the dialogue to be extremely turn-on. After all, it is precisely this mix that makes submission even more tangible.