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Even a demanding relationship can be fun

Being with a demanding gay man is interpreted by some men as a real challenge. However, this may be a prejudice. Because: many gays who are demanding towards their partner also have the demand to bring a lot into an existing partnership themselves.

Accordingly, it would definitely be wrong to claim that a relationship with a demanding man must always be difficult.

Gays who are looking for a demanding man often first meet him online. While chatting, it is comparatively easy to find out how demanding the potential "Mr. Right" really is.

What is the ratio?

Some men really flinch when they hear "I'm very demanding!" and suddenly feel as if they are in a classic exam situation. But don't panic! Experience has shown that everyone defines "demanding" differently. What is demanding for one person is "perfectly normal" for another.

Accordingly, this trait does not have to be a negative one. On the contrary! The relationship with a - to a healthy degree - demanding gay man can be quite inspiring and ensure that one is always invested anew (and in a creative way) in the partnership.

Relationships can be fun!

Demanding relationships are usually exciting and challenging at the same time. Here, it is sometimes a matter of convincing the respective partner of oneself again and again at regular intervals. Of course, it is also important to maintain boundaries. If you become too demanding and really terrorise your partner with your wishes, you will certainly not be happy - at least in the long run.

However, if two people come together who either like to spoil each other or one of whom loves to carry the other on his or her hands, the chances of a happy love life together are usually not bad.

As is so often the case, it is important that the respective constellation is right.

Demanding in bed? One word and many possible interpretations

"I am very horny in bed!" - What does this sentence actually mean? Does the person expect Kamasutra feats during sex? Does he always have to come in order to be happy? Or does he simply want to enjoy the closeness of his partner? Questions upon questions that certainly cannot be answered by guesswork. Therefore, the following applies: it is also (and especially) possible to talk about such topics with demanding people. The result: a conversation at eye level that (hopefully) leads to both having fun in bed and knowing what the other expects or desires.

Mylobby18 (18) sucht in Genf

I am 18 years young and looking for experienced daddy/s who can show me the ropes.... 😛

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ChubbyBoy (20) sucht in Burgenland

Many call me BOLD but they don't know what they are missing & how horny it's having sex with a gay chubby !!!!

Am only PASSIVE !!!

Write me if you are looking for something thick to tackle and spank <3

Annoyances and disrespect will be blocked !!!

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