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Spontaneity makes for more variety in everyday life

Looking for a little more variety in your everyday life? Then it makes sense to look for a spontaneous partner. This person usually not only knows the hot spots of the city, but is also usually the right person to go out partying after work, for example, or to experience a spontaneous quickie in the kitchen.

Spontaneous people don't like to plan, they like to let life unfold with all its facets. So it's all the better if both of them - at least to some extent - tick similarly and love to organise their everyday life together.

How do you recognise a spontaneous person?

Gays with this special character trait can in most cases (and assuming an appropriate friendship or love level) call you in the middle of the night and ask for help.

These characters are usually not lazy and often don't know words like "boredom" or sentences like "No, I'm too lazy for that right now! You want to check out the newest club in town, although a TV evening was actually planned? Then you have found your "partner in crime" in a spontaneous person!

If a high degree of spontaneity in life is particularly important to you, you should not be afraid to explicitly ask your chat partner how open he or she reacts to ideas, postponements and the like. As a rule, people with a corresponding character trait are very open here and talk openly about their individual expectations. After all, they also benefit if the potential new partner is a good match for their own ego.

What advantages does spontaneity offer in everyday life?

Life sometimes turns out differently than originally planned. Those who are open-minded in this regard and accordingly almost always have a "Plan B" up their sleeve are clearly at an advantage in terms of a high quality of life.

Even within an existing partnership, it can prove advantageous to be open about possible changes. Who would be afraid to tell their partner that they would rather watch a thriller than a horror film? Or that he spontaneously decided to eat out at a Chinese restaurant instead of an Italian restaurant?

Accordingly, it is not surprising why this trait is often associated with another aspect: tolerance. If you manage to understand your partner's changing interests and at the same time are also open to changes of plans, you can actually only benefit with such a person at your side.