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When blowing, the penis or vagina is stimulated with the tongue


Many gays find blowjobs almost hornier than sex. Here, one partner fucks the other in the mouth. Depending on the technique, the respective part comes faster or slower. Orgasm. Oral sex plays an important role for both straight and gay men. However, in order for both partners to benefit from oral sex, it is of course important to ensure a high level of hygiene.

Moreover, no "miracles" should be expected here - especially in a new relationship. Sometimes it takes a little time for both partners to find out what the other one likes best about giving a blow job.

The positions in which blowjobs can be performed are particularly versatile. The 69 variant is particularly popular here, where the partners have the chance to even blow each other. Oral to satisfy.

Whether you actually blow until the "grand finale" and then swallow the sperm depends, of course, on your individual taste. Here, too, it is important to approach each other slowly.

However, blowing can also be used "only" as foreplay.

Of course, blowing is not really blowing. Rather, it is usually a mix of sucking and blowing. Lick. However, despite all the passion, caution is also called for! Because: the teeth should only be used with caution. Otherwise there is a risk that the lovemaking will end comparatively quickly with a scream. An erect Penis can be extremely sensitive here. Whoever does not have a special Fetish for pain of this kind can quickly become a little "traumatised".