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Oral is often abbreviated to "oral sex".

The term "oral" often means "oral sex". Whoever satisfies his partner orally, classically spoils him with a Blowjob. Oral sex is perceived by many men as particularly intense. Nevertheless, there is actually no such thing as typical oral sex.

Sometimes the partner comes in the mouth, sometimes he squirts on the face or tongue of the other. In short: the variants that lend themselves to making someone orally come. Orgasm are many and varied.

There are now even sex toys that imitate oral satisfaction. These are offered for both men and women and are particularly popular.

Some people can even reach orgasm only through oral sex. come and find it extremely arousing to spread their sperm on their partner's body "to top it off".

But: oral sex does not have to be a "one-way street". Or, in other words, there are positions that make it possible to satisfy orally and be satisfied orally at the same time. An absolute classic in this context is the Position 69.

However, so that this kind of satisfaction can ideally be enjoyed by both sides, it naturally requires a high level of hygiene. After all, a blowjob should also taste good. Therefore, corresponding sex games in the shower are particularly popular.

Those who feel like a blowjob but do not have a partner at the moment have the possibility, among other things, of taking a so-called Glory Hole to visit. This is a hole in the wall through which the Penis is put in, in order to be satisfied on the other side (usually by an unknown person).