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Those who engage in partner swapping meet another couple and have sex with the other partner(s).

Partner swapping is one of the sexual classics that enjoys particular popularity in swingers clubs, among other places. If this type of "sex party" is held in a small circle, two couples meet to have sex with each other - also mixed and apart from the classic constellation.

Of course, partner swapping can also be done with more than two couples. Many sex clubs offer gang bang parties in this context, where - freely according to the motto "Everything can, nothing must!" - anyone can sleep with anyone

Partner swapping can be particularly stimulating, as it offers the opportunity to help your own partner with the Fuck and at the same time give themselves satisfaction. However, the basic prerequisite is that those who embark on this adventure have no problem with Jealousy and co. Those who engage in partner exchange only for the sake of their partner will usually not be happy. It takes trust and the ability to strictly separate sex and love. Otherwise, the next relationship crisis is already pre-programmed.

And: regardless of whether the other couple belongs to the close circle of acquaintances or not, you should never do without wearing rubbers! With their help you can STDs and infections can usually be prevented particularly effectively.

If you are looking for a couple to swap partners with, you can choose the Internet as one of the options and place an ad here, for example. In forums, too, you can often find like-minded people who are looking for couples for quick (or long-lasting and regular) adventures.