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Feeling jealousy can be very painful. This is about the fear of losing a loved one.


Jealousy is a feeling that is perceived as particularly extreme. Someone who is jealous is afraid that their partner will be taken away from them by someone else. He feels himself set back and sometimes also a little worthless. Many people associate jealousy with low self-esteem.

Jealousy can manifest itself in different ways and can be a greater or lesser burden on those around the person affected. While some people keep their jealousy bottled up, others rely on (often loud) outbursts of emotion.

Some gays (and also straight men) are of the opinion that a "healthy amount of jealousy" is part of every relationship. But what does "healthy" actually mean?

Especially when jealousy occurs repeatedly and excessively, it can put a lasting strain on the relationship. The victims feel locked in, oppressed and often decide to end the relationship with the jealous person. Those who notice that they cannot (or can only with difficulty) control their feelings in this context can also get professional help from a suitably specialised psychologist, among others.

In the course of therapy, it is often possible to find out why one person suffers particularly from jealousy, while others are more relaxed about the subject. Sometimes drastic experiences from childhood cause someone to develop a particular fear of being abandoned or disadvantaged.