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Stallion" is a term used within the gay scene for the active partner.

The term "stud" is used - mostly among gays - to describe the active sex partner. Loosely based on the motto "Do me the stallion!", this is the person who sets the tone in bed because, for example, he is particularly assertive and at the same time is the one who has his way with you during anal sex. Tail introduces.

In the context of a wild sex adventure, the roles can vary between active and passive of course also be exchanged every now and then.

While the active part is called the "stallion", the passive partner takes the role of the so-called "Mare". Who occupies which position is, of course, to a large extent additionally dependent on the respective character of those involved.

There are also sometimes clear differences with regard to the corresponding preferences. For example, there are gay men who always want to take on the active role of a stud during anal sex, while others love to be fucked.

The distinction between stallion and mare can of course not only be made in the context of classical sex, but also in the case of Blowjob etc. In many sex practices - apart from fucking - there is at least the possibility to distinguish between active and passive.

The division into "stallion" and "mare" also plays an important role for many sex chat fans. The probability of finding the "perfect" Real Treff partner is particularly high if the roles have been (at least roughly) defined in advance. Many gays who have the reputation of being particularly passionate studs are in the Scene usually particularly popular when it comes to finding a ONS to plan.