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Gay men who are chaotic can be found here!

Are you looking for a lovable gay slob? Then you've come to the right place. Messy gays are bon vivants and life artists. They are spontaneous, wear their hearts on their tongues and are for casual sex and Adventure to have.

Chaotic Cubs and seasoned Bears, haphazard Twinks and hopelessly disorganised Chubbys await you! You can find hot contacts in Germany, Austria and in the Switzerland!

Fancy a hot date? Then don't wait any longer, start flirting!

Boredom? Not with a gay slob!

Is one day like the next for you? Are you perfectly organised down to the last detail and have work and everyday life completely under control? That can get boring in the long run.

You probably lack a lively counterpart to balance things out. The slob has trouble balancing his schedule. If you spontaneously turn up at your sweet sex date's place for sex, don't expect a spotlessly clean environment. The bed is probably rumpled and bears the marks of more or less lonely nights. But the fridge is empty. And the search for lube and condoms can easily eat up half the evening.

You've probably heard the saying: "Genius rules over chaos". Even if your new dating contact is anything but tidy, chances are you can look forward to some crazy ideas and devotional sex. Eventually, the necessary utensils will show up - and you're ready to go!

Data with chaos factor

If you're going to embark on a lustful adventure with a slob, there's no harm in being well prepared. Your gay sex contact is visitable? Pack a bag with everything you'll probably need. Don't rely on the fact that he already has everything at home. Even if he does, you're guaranteed to want to get down to business.

Check out the adorable gay messes: There's plenty to choose from, and you're guaranteed to find the perfect candidate.

Romanjer (20) sucht in St. Gallen

hey i am romanjer and i am not outed yet

I've actually been into men all my life but never wanted to admit it but girls just don't turn me on at all, I just have to hold on to one thing. Tail and I get a hard-on - I think that makes it clear.

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