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Fisting comes from the English "Fist" and stands for "Fausten", the fist fuck.

Fisting is a standard part of many porn films. But fisting is also popular in many relationships and one-night stands. Here, one partner penetrates the other with his fist by inserting it either into the anus or into the vagina and moving it - similar to fingering.

To enjoy this practice even more, you can choose to use some lubricant and appropriate sex toys. Many accessories from the sex shop are great for widening the anus, for example, and thus preparing it even better for fisting.

Especially gays (and of course straight men) who have not yet had any experience here are sometimes a little sceptical about this technique - but sometimes only until they have experienced it for the first time. Because: with fisting it is possible, among other things, to experience very intense orgasms. Of course, the practice can also be used only as foreplay.

To ensure that nothing is left to be desired from a hygienic point of view, it is always advisable to Fist Fuck briefly a Anal shower to use. This gently removes any leftover faeces before the fun really starts in bed.

Fisting often plays a particularly important role in porn films. No wonder! After all, it is a technique that many gays consider the "non plus ultra". Many are therefore looking for a partner in chats, among other things, who can - both active as well as passive - can get excited about fisting.