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Fist Fuck is the English translation for "fist fuck".

Fist Fuck stands for "fist fuck". As the name suggests, the entire fist is actually inserted into the anus or vagina. What may sound a little painful for fist fuck laymen at first, is perceived by many people as extremely turning on.

So that the Fist In order to make the fist fuck more pleasurable, many couples use a little lubricant. This, often in combination with a careful stretching of the anus, can help to make the fist fuck even more enjoyable - whether it's the first time or the umpteenth. Appropriate accessories and equipment that can help with the preparation are part of the standard assortment in sex shops.

The technique is considered by many gays (and straights) as "dirty"and thus sometimes all the more stimulating. If you want to ensure hygiene here, you should definitely first have a Anal shower use. This way, any faecal residue at the anus can be removed before having sex or the Fisting be removed.

The fist fuck often appears in porn. It is considered by many gay men to be a classic fantasy that is at least worth trying out. Many start here with Finger Fuckingand then increase further and further. In the search for a suitable fist fuck partner, many use the possibilities of the Internet and the corresponding forums. Here you can usually quickly find like-minded people who either want an active or a passive fist fuck.