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A sugar daddy is a man who is dating and financially supporting a significantly younger man (or woman).

Many people have a certain image in their minds when they hear the term sugar daddy. This is a man, usually a little older, who is with a younger man or woman and supports them financially. It doesn't matter whether it's rent, going to a restaurant together or the like: the sugar daddy pays. In return, he is usually rewarded with sexual services.

The typical sugar daddy is burdened with a rather negative image. Many people pity the older men who, in their eyes, "just let themselves be taken advantage of". Others are of the opinion that a daddy relationship is legitimate because both sides know what they are getting into.

While some sugar daddy partnerships actually arise purely by chance, other people deliberately go in search of an older (or younger) partner. A classic starting point for many sugar daddy relationships are personal ads. Chats and the relevant chat rooms are also excellent places to take the first steps.

Contrary to many prejudices, it is of course possible that people who are in a corresponding "young-old relationship" actually love each other honestly and sincerely. But: the confrontation with a negative wave of prejudices and lack of understanding can of course also quickly develop into a real burden for the relationship. Therefore, it is definitely an advantage if both partners have strong self-confidence.

Sugar daddy relationships don't just exist among men, of course. Also in the Straight Such constellations are no longer all that rare in the field.