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The symbol "@_@" stands for confusion in the chat world. Anyone who sends this symbol has usually not understood the message of their chat partner.

Anyone who has not understood what the other person is saying in a chat often sends an @_@. A closer look reveals that this is supposed to be a face with two confused eyes. Especially when, for example, questions are still open or the virtual counterpart lapses into endless monologues, the @_@ fits very well.

Sometimes, however, this symbol is not interpreted lovingly and accordingly positively, but negatively. Accordingly, a little caution is required when sending it. After all, the aim should not be to start a discussion because of a smileys.

Some chatters also use @_@ to express that they are currently annoyed with the other person.

In short: there are definitely more affectionate smilies than the face with the confused eyes. Alternatively, some simply use the classic question mark to show that they do not understand what has been written or have a query.

Since the @_@ is a rather rarely used symbol, it cannot be assumed per se that the combination of the two @ signs and the underscore is known to everyone. Therefore, no one should be surprised if - after sending the astonished smiley - they are also confronted with astonishment.

Since modern smartphones and PC programmes or messenger services offer ready-made smilies, the @_@ has lost even more importance. And yet fans of the 1990s and classic text messages in particular do not want to do without their "confusion face". Accordingly, there is still a little nostalgia in its use.