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Anal shower - How to keep it clean during anal sex

anal shower

Gay (and straight) anal showers can now be found in any well-stocked sex shop. At first glance, they could possibly be compared with a classic Dildo can be confused. The form here is similar or the same. One essential difference: in this "Dildo" there are holes.

The water flows through these after the anal douche has been screwed onto the shower head. Once the anal douche has been inserted, you can start. The water cleans the anus or rectum. For a particularly high comfort factor, the user should of course use lukewarm water.

Even though many gays already find this process extremely stimulating, the anal shower is not necessarily for pleasure in the first place, but actually for better hygiene. Especially before anal sex, it can be helpful to incorporate the shower into foreplay.

For most porn stars, the anal shower has long been an absolute standard. After all, it is especially important to ensure a clean environment - in the truest sense of the word. The visual appeal of the anal region can be further optimised in this way - quite incidentally.

Can the anal shower also be used for sex play?

As already mentioned, the anal douche can also be integrated into foreplay. The strength of the jet can be determined individually. So if you love showering with your partner before sex anyway, you can easily take this special shower with you.

There are many different types of anal showers available in sex shops (and of course on the internet). It makes sense to compare the individual models - for example with regard to their shape and size. After all, even the preparation for sex should be fun and not degenerate into an unpleasant task, right?