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Aromantic people cannot develop romantic feelings



For particularly emotional people, the relationship with an aromantic partner can become a real challenge. Because: while they love to show their feelings or to be shown the love of their partner, an aromantic person cannot do anything with emotions of this kind. However, such behaviour does not have to be malicious.

Many aromantic people do not go for a classical Partnership precisely BECAUSE the associated feelings are foreign to them. However, it is very possible for them to enter into a purely sexual relationship. After all, it's about lust and passion and not about pining for the other person with little hearts in their eyes.

But (with all relaxedness and honesty towards oneself): a classic partnership with an aromantic person can be extremely stressful. Sometimes this phenomenon develops over years. Starting here therapeutically can become a real life project.

Especially important: in the first step, it is of course important to clarify whether romance can actually not be felt. Sometimes - as hard as it sounds - it is also because the love for the current partner has actually disappeared and the situation is put into perspective again in combination with another person.

The causes of aromanticism can be quite diverse. Among other things, trauma can cause a person to be unable to develop romantic feelings. Those who suffer particularly badly from their inability to feel romantic feelings should contact their family doctor at an early stage. If necessary, he or she can refer you to an empathetic psychologist.