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Asexual - Those who are asexual cannot feel pleasure


People who are not capable of feeling sexual emotions are referred to as "asexual" designated. This means: they have no interest in men or women, nor in people who join the group of "diverse" Assign.

Those affected do not feel the need to sleep with their partner, watch porn or otherwise entertain themselves erotically. Moreover, they do not satisfy themselves either. Of course, there are also different manifestations of asexuality.

The reasons for refusing to have sex in all its facets are many and varied. Sometimes negative experiences from the past have caused lust and passion to be extinguished. Sometimes those affected also suffer from their asexuality and ask themselves whether the problem might lie with them. However, some asexual people are quite content with their situation and cannot understand why the whole world seems to be so "sexed up".

However, asexuality can also put a lasting strain on a relationship. The path of many couples then leads to a couples therapist. If there is a serious interest in getting to the bottom of the problem, the search for the cause can be a challenging journey. It is especially important to be gentle and not force the issue. Trauma may be at the root of asexuality.

By the way: "asexual" was or is sometimes also used as a swear word. For example, young people sometimes use this term when explaining to each other why a person is obviously not interested in dating or having sex.