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The abbreviation BmB stands for "Please with picture". 


When browsing through personal ads, gays (and for that matter straight men as well) often come across the abbreviation "BmB". This stands for the request "Please with picture" and asks the reader to provide his or her contact with a photo.

What may sound a little superficial at first glance, however, has its legitimate justification. Many gays love to know at least roughly who they are dealing with, especially in chat rooms. A picture can help you to assess the other person even better.

Many also associate "BmB" with a special addendum, holding out the prospect of a hot date, for example, for gays who send a picture. However, "BmB" can also definitely be interpreted as a request for a dick picture. What exactly is expected often only emerges from the following conversation.

Basically, it is always a good idea to add a photo to your profile on a chat portal. This way, the probability of being contacted is usually higher. At the same time, many gays interpret a realistic profile photo as a form of politeness.

Accordingly, "BmB" plays an important role in chats for both gays and straights, as it is a comparatively uncomplicated way to decide whether it is worth pursuing the contact in question further. If a cover letter including a picture is not followed by a reply, it is important not to get depressed. After all, good looks are defined individually by everyone. Sometimes the chemistry is simply not right.