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Cross Dresser is as is another name for transvestitism.


The boundaries between cross-dressers and transgender people are unfortunately often mixed up in everyday life. Yet it is not at all difficult to make a distinction here. Because: while transgender people were born in the wrong body, cross dressers merely dress like the opposite sex does.

These are women who dress in a particularly masculine way and men who dress in a feminine way. However, there was no gender reassignment or anything like that.

The reasons for the style of dress can sometimes differ significantly from one another. Some love to push the boundaries in terms of fashion, others find it extremely turn-on to orientate themselves to the opposite sex.

However, due to the fact that they do not doubt that they may have been born in the wrong body after all, they usually belong to the group of the Cis-Gender.

Unfortunately, many prejudices still exist in connection with cross-dressers, as, for example, masculine-looking women are considered lesbian and men in women's clothes are considered to be gay be regarded as a "cliché". However, they prove time and again how colourful the world really is and that there are definitely people who cannot be sorted into any concrete grid. For example, there are even professional travesty artists who are happy family men in "real life".

Cross dressers always manage to surprise people and inspire many with their courage to stand by their inclinations. Optical highlights are out of the question here - neither for female nor for male cross dressers.