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A French kiss is a particularly intense form of kissing. As the name suggests: with tongue.

A French kiss is more than "just" a smooch. As the name suggests, a French kiss also involves the use of the tongue. Sometimes it is used before sex to make the mood a little hotter.

Many people attach great importance to the French kiss. Based on the technique, they often decide within a few seconds whether the other person suits them or not. Because: of course there are also classic "mistakes" that can lead to a French kiss even being perceived as unpleasant. Especially when too much spit is used, the whole thing can even be a turn-off.

In some cases, the HI virus can also be transmitted via a French kiss. This is especially true if open areas in the mouth allow viruses to travel from A to B (or from partner to partner).

Those who love French kisses and want to intensify the feelings they trigger a little more often resort to piercings. Here they find it a special attraction to play around with the little plugs and stones.

Opinions differ as to whether or not the eyes should be closed when French kissing. Some gays feel it is an additional sign of love if their partner closes their eyes while kissing. Others do not attach too much importance to this passionate gesture.

One thing is certain: a French kiss is a particularly intense and emotional way to show the respective (kissing) partner that he or she is desired.