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The male G-spot is the prostate.

When they hear the term "G-spot", many people think of the female body and how many men (and women) must perhaps have already despaired of finding it. But: men also have a G-spot. In their case, it is the Prostate! This is exactly where the male pleasure centre is located. If you know how to stimulate the male G-spot, you can sometimes help your partner to have unforgettable orgasms.

By the way, the male G-spot is located in the area under the urinary bladder and surrounds the urethra here. As big as a chestnut, it consists of glands and muscle tissue, among other things.

If you want to stimulate the G-spot, insert your finger into your partner's anus. After about seven centimetres, the prostate can usually be felt as a ball. The consistency - in healthy men - is comparatively soft and pliable. To make the stimulation a little more intense, two fingers can also be inserted. This makes it easy to massage the male G-spot or to apply a little pressure.

However, it is also possible to stimulate the prostate indirectly, i.e. from the outside. Here it can help to massage the perineum. The stimuli are then often passed on in a pleasant (but usually less intense) way.

Over time, manufacturers of sex toys have also specialised in stimulating the male G-spot. Among other things, there are even prostate stimulators that are shaped precisely to reach the point in question quickly and accurately. The various models are available partly with and partly without a vibration function. So it's the individual preference that decides here.