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An interrogation is an interrogation. Many fans of role-playing games use this technique to provide an even greater thrill.

Anyone who feels like hornyIn order to heighten the pleasure of role-playing to a certain extent, one of the methods that can be used is interrogation. This is a role play in which one partner interrogates the other.

In fact, interrogation, as it occurs for example in court or with the police, at least in the first step and with regard to the facts, does not differ significantly from role-playing in bed. Because: here, too, there is an active and a passive part. While the active partner asks the questions, it is the task of the passive part to answer them.

Especially with regard to many horny BDSM Games offer great opportunities here. For example, it is a good idea to tie up a "criminal" and question him about a case. Of course, in connection with the interrogation, other toys and matching clothes can also be used to make the whole thing seem a little more real.

How "rough" the interrogation should finally be depends, of course, on the taste of the participants. There are virtually no limits to the imagination. Of course, interrogations with several participants - for example with two "policemen" - are also possible. Scenes like these quickly introduce a horny gang bang.

Therefore, it might be worthwhile to think about what your sweetheart might have done in order to have a little more variety in the bedroom at home.