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The abbreviation "KFI" stands for "No financial interests". This is an indication that is mainly used in personal ads.

If you browse a little through personal ads, you will come across the abbreviation "KFI" comparatively quickly. The three letters stand for "No Financial Interests" and state that the advertiser does not choose his future partner according to material aspects, but that other factors, such as character (or appearance) are more important.

In the age of the Internet, the abbreviation "KFI" is naturally also found in connection with chats and online advertisements.

However, KFI can also be interpreted differently depending on personal assessment. In order to prevent misunderstandings, it is therefore useful to exchange views beforehand. For example, does "KFI" only mean that it is sufficient if the dream man belongs to the middle class? Or are there really no "minimum requirements", so that even a gay man with a lot of debt would have the potential to conquer the heart of the advertiser?

One thing is certain: at a time when the possibilities for making contact among gays are more versatile than ever, it is definitely fun to describe the man of your dreams in personal ads.

Those who label their ads with "KFI" show that inner values are obviously more important to them than material interests. This is exactly what gives him the opportunity to get to know his dream guy far away from money and income. A great opportunity that shows that happiness does not always have to depend on salary.

But: if you attach importance to a high income, holidays, luxury cars and so on, you should refrain from adding "KFI" to your advertisements merely for the sake of decency. No one wants to be deceived when looking for a partner.