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The abbreviation NR is often used in connection with personal ads and means "non-smoker".

NR" is the common abbreviation for non-smoker. It is often used in partner portals, chats and advertisements to describe either oneself or the man of one's dreams. After all, a short "NR" is quicker to write than "non-smoker".

There are many reasons why non-smokers are perceived as particularly attractive nowadays. For example, anyone who is an NR and has once smooched with a smoker knows that this taste can partly be described as erotic, but partly as quite "peculiar".

"By the way", it is of course also healthier to give up nicotine.

For both health and "taste" reasons, there is definitely a trend towards NR these days.

Nevertheless: a gay with a smoking cigarette can certainly appear erotic to other gays. As so often, this is a question of individual taste.

The question "NR or not?" also plays an important role for many when chatting. Some gays even go so far as to ask out a smoker - no matter how horny This is why we have to reject it.

If smoking becomes a recurring issue in a relationship, the non-smoking partner may ask the smoker to quit for him or her. In this case, it is important to proceed with great sensitivity. After all, nicotine is a drug that makes it difficult for many people to quit "right away". However, with a little support and patience with your partner, many things are possible. Also the path from smoker to NR.