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The term pederasty is used to describe a gay relationship between a man and a male adolescent.

The term "pederasty" is used to describe the phenomenon of an older gay man having a relationship with a younger gay man. It is not only in the field of heterosexuality that some people are attracted to significantly younger or significantly older partners.

As long as no laws are broken with regard to the protection of minors, there is actually nothing to object to the respective affairs or relationships.

In the past, many scientists have looked into the question of what attracts people to such age differences. However, the passion for significantly younger or significantly older partners cannot always be explained psychologically! Sometimes it is also the famous "love at first sight" that ensures that two people can be enthusiastic about each other.

As a rule, however, there is no talk of pederasty until there is a clear (!) age difference. This is usually the well-known "But he could also be your father! phenomenon. Or in other words: if one partner is more than 30 years older than the other, the border to pederasty is crossed for most people.

Gays who are looking for a "slightly older" partner do not yet fall into this category. A significantly older partner can be attractive because of his or her maturity, among other things. However, those who are planning a longer relationship should be well aware - just like heteros - that the age difference will become apparent at the latest when one partner is no longer fit enough to participate in joint hobbies, for example. With love and understanding, however, many hurdles of this kind can be overcome.