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Plantonic love is a special, spiritual and soulful connection between two people - without sex!

A platonic love between two people can be something very special. Because: in these special relationships, sex is completely dispensed with. By definition, however, Platonic love goes far beyond the classic friendship. It is a particularly deep connection between two people that has the potential to last a lifetime.

Those who are in a platonic relationship usually feel no interest in having sex with the other partner. On the contrary! The sense of fulfilment that both feel, for example, in connection with deep conversations and co. is usually quite enough for those concerned.

In some cases, a classical relationship can also be completely replaced by a platonic relationship. The two people who feel such a deep connection to each other then often live together, share their worries, love each other, but do not have sex with each other.

Accordingly, the famous Platonic love is of course also possible between siblings. However, the relationship can become a real burden when one of the two meets their "Great (and physical) Love". Sometimes the Platonic lover then feels set back. Even worse: over time, a one-sided physical attraction has developed. The desire for sex and passion can sometimes bring about the end of the relationship.

However, those who feel equally platonic for each other often find an ally in this form of relationship. A "partner in crime" who is not only loyal in classic everyday situations but is also always there in bad times.