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A husk is - in gay jargon - a gay man.

Many gay men use the term "cough" from time to time to refer to other gay men. Even though it may sound different at first: the term does not necessarily have to be perceived as an insult.

Sometimes this is just a more or less flippant way of talking about other gays among gays. In many cases, a hustle means a gay man who seems a little more feminine and perhaps in addition a little bit to the Drama Queen tends.

However, the term "husche" can also indicate that a man is particularly jittery and "hushy". This is especially the case if, for example, he speaks particularly quickly and in an agitated manner.

In addition, the style of dress can indicate a typical hustle. Especially when being gay is recognised by insiders at first sight (of course also due to special movements), it usually does not take too long before the term "hustler" is used.

However, the term can also have negative connotations. People who get upset about a gay man because of his appearance or other circumstances also like to call the persons in question "Husche".

So, as is so often the case, whether the word is meant to be evil or not essentially depends on the context. Friends can call each other "coughs" just as much as bitter enemies. However, if you know how to interpret the whole thing or take enough time to question a situation, you can usually prevent many misunderstandings.