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The birth sex is the sex a person had at the time of birth.

The sex at birth indicates whether a person was born a boy or a girl. The sex of birth is not always the sex with which the person concerned wishes to continue living. Thus it can happen that a boy is born in the body of a girl and a girl in the body of a boy.

Fortunately, in this day and age, it is possible to have the correct gender matched in the course of one's life. In some countries of the world, however, this is (still?) forbidden.

Those who want to have their gender reassigned in Germany today go through a comparatively long procedure in which, among other things, psychologists are also integrated. This is to help those affected to better orient themselves in this special phase of their lives.

The reactions on the part of the environment when a person declares that they do not agree with their birth gender are often mixed.

The path to this, to become clear to oneself (in the first step) that there must obviously be a "mistake" here, can also be confusing. Those who do not decide to act despite the feeling of living in the wrong body sometimes run the risk of falling into depression. At the latest then it is time to seek psychological help. Many therapists now specialise in such counselling and can help those affected on their journey to the "right sex". In addition, various organisations and commitments ensure that society will certainly become even more tolerant in the coming years.