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Sexual denunciation means, loosely translated, "sexual accusation" and can span many areas

Sexual denunciation can take place in many areas. This includes, among other things, allegations that person XY is gay, lesbian or would regularly have a BDSM Visit studio. Some sexual denunciations also take place with regard to criminal offences, such as rape or sex with minors.

However, the term "sexual denunciation" does not mean that the allegations made are true.

What is certain, however, is that a sexual denunciation can massively change the life of the accused.

In the past, such procedures were also used, among other things, to ruin a person's reputation or to eliminate political opponents. Even if, for example, it turns out afterwards that the denunciation was unjustified, the former accused often does not recover. His or her name is always associated with the alleged offence, especially when the person in question is in the public eye.

Of course, there are also sexual denunciations that are completely justified. The appropriate procedure - from accusation to trial and sentence - can be an important step for victims to recover their psyche.

Sexual denunciation is also widespread among students. Rumours are often spread, for example to promote a gay image among an outsider. Depending on how self-confident the said victim then is, different scenarios are conceivable. While some people confidently put such rumours away, others suffer much more. Should the whole thing develop in the direction of bullying, it is important not to underestimate the situation in question and to take further steps if necessary.

But: of course, it is also important to always keep in mind that homosexuality is in no way something for which one can be "accused"! Unfortunately, a part of society is still of a different opinion, even today.