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A slim person is one whose stature is slender or thin.

Slim is the English word for thin and plays an important role, among other things, in connection with personal ads and in the search for a sex partner (for example, via the Internet).

Many gays find it particularly arousing to sleep with a man who is comparatively thin. Due to their characteristic stature, many slim men appear particularly young and thus appeal to gay men who are enthusiastic about the corresponding look anyway.

Accordingly, it is not surprising why "slim" is also repeatedly mentioned in personal ads.

Of course, many thin men also love to cultivate their slim image and consciously use their physique in an erotic way. For example, there are many items of clothing, such as tank tops, that are perfect for accentuating a slim body.

The image that a thin man can be particularly flexible in bed may also contribute to the fact that many gays are interested in slims. However, this is a prejudice. Whether a man can move well or not often depends on his figure, but not exclusively.

It is characteristic that a gay who can be described as "slim" does not have strongly developed muscles. Most slims take care of their figure, but do not engage in weight training or similar activities.

Unfortunately, the slim trend also has its negative sides. Some gays go as far as starving themselves into anorexia with regard to the desired physical ideal. Those who notice that they no longer have their will to be slim under control should accordingly seek help early on.