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String stands for cord and is a classic term for thongs.

A thong is a tanga. This special type of underwear or swimwear is very popular with gays, among others. It not only offers the wearer a lot of freedom, but also a very special feeling on the skin.

This is caused, among other things, by the placement of the thong in the crack of the buttocks. Alternatively, the thong can of course also be incorporated into sex by simply pushing it to the side or pulling it extra tight.

Nowadays, thongs are not only part of the assortment in sex shops, but can usually also be bought in any clothing shop. Depending on your personal taste, you can choose from different designs. The choice of materials usually leaves nothing to be desired. In addition to cotton and silk, you can often choose Latex can be resorted to.

Many gays use the thong to make their "normal everyday life" a little more erotic. After all, these special garments can also be worn inconspicuously under your clothes.

If you wear thongs regularly, you should always ensure a high level of hygiene. Because the string is pulled through the crack of the buttocks again and again during the various movements, bacteria (and excrement residues) spread particularly intensively here.

To prevent inflammation and the like, it therefore makes sense to clean the area thoroughly.

Current fashion shows that the phrase "thongs are only worn by women!" is a classic prejudice. Meanwhile, many gays have discovered the erotic factor of these must-haves and use them, among other things, to make their sex life a little more varied.