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Celibacy is the deliberate abstention from sex, mostly for religious reasons. Catholic priests, monks and nuns in particular are celibate.

Most people live in celibacy because this is prescribed for them by their religious offices or views. This is the conscious renunciation of sex. The reasons for this can be varied, but are always based - especially in a religious context - on the view that it is the task of the priest, nun or monk to devote himself completely to his service to God and accordingly to renounce earthly desires.

Sometimes, however, people far from the priesthood live celibate and correspondingly chaste lives. Among other things, they often hope for particularly intense orgasms when "it" finally happens. In this case, however, celibacy is usually short-lived and - depending on the individual character - can sometimes also become a torment.

Opinions about religious celibacy differ widely in society. Among others, there are also devout Christians who are extremely sceptical about the Church's guidelines here. For example, they are of the opinion that celibacy is an outdated requirement that no longer fits the current times. Others, on the other hand, adhere to the corresponding regulations and are of the opinion that it is indeed only possible for a priest, a monk or a nun to find his or her destiny in celibacy.

The history of celibacy goes back far into the past of church history and has already been researched in detail over the course of time. However, statistics show time and again that celibacy has also meant that a man or woman of God has had to give up their ministry. Because: if a person who actually has to live in celibacy suddenly falls in love, this can develop into a real test.