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The symbol ":-(" is used in chat to express sadness. The occasions in which this emoji plays a role can be varied.

Anyone who likes to spend their time chatting comes into contact with emojis again and again. The symbol 🙁 is one of the best-known symbols. It stands for sadness. Accordingly, it goes without saying that the turned face with the open bracket is used in the most diverse situations. come can.

Perhaps the crush has cancelled a date? Maybe the sender of the smiley has been turned down?

One thing is certain: even without sound chat experience, it is quickly clear which feeling this smilie stands for. However, if you always want to be on the safe side and interpret the feelings of your virtual counterpart correctly, you should not rely solely on reading the colon faces, but ask in case of doubt.

Because: especially when sending 🙁 smilies, misunderstandings can sometimes occur. Sometimes there is even a real argument, which could have been avoided with a little communication and understanding for the other person.

However, many chat programmes also offer the option of no longer having to resort to the colon, the hyphen and the open parenthesis. Instead, they provide ready-made smilies.

Here you can choose not only between "sad" and "happy", but also between many other options. But: the more choices there are, the greater the risk that the chat partner will not be able to interpret the face sent correctly.

The good news is that the more often people chat with each other, the better the two parties usually get to know each other. This means that even the faces sent can soon be better interpreted.