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Bagging is a sexual technique in which the scrotum plays an important role.


Who actually claimed that good sex is exclusively about the Penis would need? The testicles can also be incorporated in a particularly pleasurable way... And in a far more creative way than it might seem at first glance.

Bagging is a special technique that is often used in connection with foreplay among gays. The principle: the entire scrotum is inserted into the partner's mouth before it is taken out again shortly afterwards. Because: it is actually just not classic oral sex, but "dipping" similar to dipping a tea bag.

However, bagging cannot only be practised with the mouth. It's more about using the scrotum to stimulate yourself and your partner. Optionally, of course, the scrotum can also be placed on other areas of the body. Especially popular: the head and the face. Depending on the size of the scrotum, there are great opportunities to provide a little more variety in bed.

For classic bagging, however, the "right rhythm" is needed. For example, the scrotum should not be laid on the corresponding spot for too long. If you need a mnemonic, imagine a handsome Englishman dipping his tea bag in hot water. Depending on personal taste, the scrotum can of course be pressed on more firmly in the respective area. Classic bagging, however, is more of a gentle practice.