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BBB stands for "glasses, belly, beard" and is often used in personal ads

Glasses Belly Beard

Anyone who has ever leafed through the classic personals for gays will comparatively often come across the abbreviation "BBB". This stands for "glasses, belly, beard". Mostly, however, the abbreviation is used to describe what you do NOT like in your partner. Sounds a bit superficial? It certainly is. Because: this is really only about outward appearances.

The statement "Not interested in BBB!" expresses the writer's desire for a partner who largely conforms to the classical ideal of beauty. What a pity! After all, character is not shown by a person's appearance.

But who actually wants a partner who is not a "BBB" representative? Often it becomes apparent in connection with the ads in question that these are particularly sport- or fitness-savvy gays who expect a corresponding physique or appearance from their partner (or ONS) expect. Men who generally place a lot of value on particularly hip styling also often exclude BBBs from their personal ad requests.

Corresponding texts are perceived as discriminatory by many of those affected. Nevertheless, they are still present in newspapers as well as on the internet.

However, whether you are looking for the "love of your life" or just for a hot flirt can of course not be read out of a corresponding advertisement. After all, there are also many people for whom looks are just as important for a long-term partner as for a quick sex adventure. Here it is certainly important to indulge the corresponding preferences and not to feel too offended as a BBB representative.