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A bitch is understood to be a gay person who - among other things in partnerships - proves to be particularly "unrelaxed".

The meaning of bitch - both in the context of gays and straights - is the same: this is a person who always has new desires and who is difficult to satisfy.

Many bitches are therefore often compared to spoilt toddlers who at some point switch to stubbornness and thus rob the energy of those around them.

But: some people are also turned on by a relationship with a bitch. They love to try to please their partner and are only encouraged by arguments and bitchiness to want to read the other person's every wish from their eyes.

What may sometimes sound unbelievable to outsiders can, however, develop into a serious problem. This is especially true if the partner becomes dependent on their bitch. Unfortunately, the borderline to psychological dependence is often crossed, so that a break-up is almost pre-programmed. This is why many bitches are considered incapable of having a relationship in their immediate environment.

In many cases, however, there is another trait associated with the bitch: the tendency towards feminine presentation. The classic gay bitch is a real Drama Queen, likes to sit in Scene and will not rest until she has had her way. As long as these are only bitchy phases, this trait is usually not a problem. It can become really unpleasant when the regular bitchiness affects the quality of life of others.

Anyone who notices that they are turning into a bitch is therefore well advised to ask their circle of friends as early as possible whether appearances are deceptive or not. The "sudden" transformation into a bitch may also have been triggered by certain events and sometimes even represents a reaction to trauma.