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Bottom refers to the passive partner during sex


Even if it sounds a bit cliché: in many cases, a distinction can be made between the active and the passive part during sex. "Bottom" here refers to the passive partner who, for example, lets himself be tied up or lies down during sex.

However, it would be wrong to think exclusively in terms of pigeonholes. Of course, the roles can also change during sex, so that the active part suddenly changes to bottom... And vice versa.

However, some relationships or affairs are characterised by a largely balanced relationship, so that it would be difficult to classify them accordingly.

However, for sex to work - with or without a bottom - it is extremely important that both are attuned to each other or can spontaneously adapt to each other.

Especially in long-term relationships, it often becomes apparent that many people feel particularly comfortable with the roles they have taken on and during sex with a bottom. After all, the active part offers them the opportunity to change the sex process again and again. active to have a say and be creative.

Many gays, on the other hand, find it incredibly relaxing to take on the role of bottom. They lie on the bottom and let themselves be satisfied. What may sound a little selfish at first is deceptive. A bottom can also be quite passionate and loving. As is so often the case, it's about showing your feelings in an individual way. Whether the active or passive role is taken here usually has nothing to do with the intensity of the passion, but rather depends on the respective character.