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Boy cunt is the term used for the anus or anal area of the gay man.

Boy Cunt

Admittedly: here you have to think a little around the corner. At second glance, however, it is easy to understand: the anus of the gay man is called "boy cunt". After all, during sex it takes on the role of the female cunt.

Conveniently, this term can also be used super in the context of Dirty Use talk. The boy cunt can be pampered in different ways during sex. No matter whether with the TailWhether with the hand or the tongue, it can be worthwhile for both partners to get creative.

The wide range of different positions shows again and again how versatile sex can be.

By the way, it is a classic prejudice that only the anus of a young gay man, a boy, would be called a boy cunt. Rather, it is a kind of collective term under which all anuses are subsumed, regardless of age.

The visual aspect of the boy cunt is also extremely important for many gays. Some men even decide to surprise their partner with an anal bleaching. Here, however, individual taste decides whether a corresponding beauty intervention is necessary or not.

One thing is certain: The boy cunt can be extremely erotic - especially during sex - and ensure that unforgettable orgasms are experienced. Nevertheless, it would be wrong to associate sex exclusively with anal sex. The sex life of gays is far too varied for everything to revolve "only" around the boy cunt.