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Boylovers are homosexual, paedophile males


What sounds at first like a gay man looking for a younger, but still over-18 boyfriend is punishable by law. Because: "Boy" in combination with the term "lover" (boylover) stands for a gay, paedophile man in the gay scene.

Boylover are into minors and often have no problem looking for them on the internet - for example in various chats.

Every now and then, this term is misinterpreted in the gay scene. Because: even gays over 18, who are characterised by a young appearance, for example, are now and then referred to as "boy". Here it is important to know the corresponding distinctions, which ultimately can of course also be relevant in terms of criminal law.

Paedophilia is of course also punishable among gays. Anyone who becomes aware of such offences should not hesitate and should inform the police immediately.

Many of the boylover feel very comfortable in their position and do not try to hide their inclinations. On platforms, they look for a boy by presenting their profile and intentions more or less truthfully. Accordingly, a date with a boylover can also be quite dangerous.

Men who take a liking to gay men over 18 who are perhaps particularly thin, look youthful and also act like it, are not - at least in the classical sense - boylover. They merely have a soft spot for gays who know how to dress youthfully and are usually characterised by a mix of shyness and impartiality.