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A butch is a lesbian woman who dresses in a masculine way and thus conforms to the classic lesbian stereotype


Those who distinguish between the "male" and the "female" part of lesbians would call the former "butch". Because: this is a woman who is characterised by her masculine appearance. Even though this division is fraught with prejudice and not always possible, "butch" is a term that is still frequently used today.

The typical butch has short hair, does not wear make-up and prefers to wear loose trousers, shirts, comfortable shoes and the like. Their behaviour, gait and other characteristics are also often rather masculine.

Butches are usually produced within the Scene taken particularly seriously. They are regarded as women who have no problem standing up for their rights with self-confidence. Precisely because of a particularly characteristic look, they often present an interesting contrast to their female partners.

Nevertheless: it would certainly be discriminatory to speak of a man-woman look here. A butch is of course more than "just" a masculine-looking woman. Butches are part of the image of the gay and lesbian scene and ensure through their appearance that they can appear in a particularly versatile way.

But be careful! Of course, there are also masculine-looking women who are not lesbians at all, but have simply discovered this particular style for themselves. Accordingly, it is important to say goodbye to classic prejudices here too and dare to take a look behind the façade. Because: even if "butch" sounds like "bitch", the person in question is usually not judged negatively by the designation and neither with regard to their appearance nor their character.