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C6 is the abbreviation for Cyber Sex


Fans of the 90s know how much fun it can be to chat in a particularly erotic way. This is a trend that has never lost its fascination. In the age of webcams and co. it is easy to experience sex here on a whole new level.

After all, the various chat rooms offer many opportunities to combine writing and pictures (for example, via webcam).

However, if you are looking for C6, it is best to search on relevant platforms and not in classic chats. Especially in erotic and sex chats, it is clear from the outset that the intentions of the users are similar. Or in other words: anyone who enters a sex chat knows that it's about the Fuck and not about the polite exchange of phrases.

For C6 to be particularly fun, it usually needs a webcam, of course, so chatters have the opportunity to watch each other masturbate or have sex, for example.

C6 can therefore be classified as pornography. Those who can play the leading role here usually find this particularly erotic. Optionally, instructions are also given and sexy games are played during C6. Due to the distance and the relationship that only takes place virtually at this moment, a special attraction arises for the participants of the chat.

Even many gays who are actually in a committed relationship love to live out their fantasies in a chat of this kind. Here, sex and the desire for the forbidden come together without "real" physical contact.