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Cam sex is when masturbation or sex films are posted on the internet and shared with others.


Camsex" is another word for cybersex. What sounds at first like a classic erotic chat is in fact far more versatile. Because: the images that are transferred from one screen to the other during camsex can be extremely creative.

From masturbation to group sex, many things are possible here. Many couples who live in a long-distance relationship, for example, use cam sex. Especially to get each other horny and to pass the time until the next meeting.

Cam However, sex can also take place between complete strangers. Especially in relevant sex chats, this is almost a kind of standard. The participants love the mix of "forbidden" and "anonymous" and often quickly find pleasure in satisfying themselves and watching others do it via the TV.

Those who live in an open relationship sometimes go one step further here. For example, it is possible to meet with a stranger, fuck and transfer the film to your partner.

One thing is certain: cam sex has so many facets that it would definitely be wrong to talk exclusively about "fucking in front of the camera". Even after many years, classic cam sex has lost none of its fascination. Many people manage here to stand by their inclinations to watch others having sex (or masturbating) and thus find a way to make their own sexuality even more versatile. Because of its authenticity, cam sex is often perceived as more exciting than porn.