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KO drops are often used by criminals to incapacitate their victims - for example in a bar - and then rape them.

They have been warned about for several years: KO drops. Many criminals use them to make their victims compliant and rape them. The perpetrators usually proceed according to a largely uniform pattern.

They lie in wait for their victims in a bar and mix the KO drops into their drinks at an unnoticed moment. The unsuspecting bar-goers usually quickly feel sick or black before their eyes. The perpetrators pretend to take them home, but use the opportunity to rape them. What is particularly dangerous here is that most drops of this kind are characterised by a largely neutral taste. Accordingly, the victims have no chance to become suspicious and stop drinking, for example because of a bitter nuance. They simply continue to drink until the drops take effect (more or less quickly).

In the past, numerous educational campaigns have ensured that people have become sensitised with regard to KO drops and accordingly rarely let their glass completely out of their sight.

Those who want to protect themselves should, among other things, make sure that their drinks are ALWAYS served directly by the bartenders. come. In addition, it makes sense to have a glass supervised by acquaintances when, for example, going to the toilet or smoking outside. At the same time, it is important to show civil courage. Anyone who observes that a guest in a bar is obviously giving KO drops to another guest should not hesitate to either intervene themselves or inform the staff immediately.

Depending on the state of health and the amount of KO drops administered, such an endeavour can possibly turn out fatal.