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Cumcollect is - literally - collecting sperm.


Cumcollect means collecting the sperm of several men and then drinking it from a glass. The technique is often used in porn, but is also used at private sex and gang bang parties.

Depending on the number of participants come here often add up to several millilitres without any problems. In porn, the cum serves to show the viewer that the performers have actually come. Many porn fans can get excited about the cumcollect. After all, it represents a special, slightly dirty stimulus that - depending on the film - is celebrated in a special way, for example with extremely ostentatious, transparent vessels.

Of course, there are different ways to drink the sperm during cumcollect. Sometimes it's really just about making the sperm "disappear", sometimes gays choose to spread the mass all over themselves.

By the way, this is not a purely gay phenomenon. Cumcollect can also make sex even more fun for straight men. However, the special appeal of this technique is usually only guaranteed when as many sex partners as possible are involved.

If a lot of sperm is collected during cumcollect, the glass is often passed around among the participants. In relevant clubs, special parties are often organised in which drinking the sperm is - literally - the highlight of the event.

However, despite all the passion, the risk associated with the transmission of STDs should not be underestimated.